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Our Process

At Oreana Homes your project is our passion. Our expert team are here to make your building experience a simple and enjoyable one.

We make things easy with our clear approach, constant communication and an open door if you have any questions along the way.

Our selection of quality materials, reliable tradespeople and careful quality control provides peace of mind that your home will be built to a high standard.

Our process is straightforward and transparent, allowing you to easily follow your home’s journey through its stages of construction.

Pre Construction Period
1. New Home Selection

Congratulations, this is the beginning of your new home journey with Oreana Homes ! Meet with one of our experienced sales consultants to work through selecting your new home design that reflects who you are and what you need.

2. Tender and Contract

During this stage we prepare the tender and contract for your new home based on its location, design and inclusions.
We work together with you to understand your budget and to ensure the process is informative and transparent.

3. Pre-Site Preparation

Once the contract is executed our team get busy with arranging field works, inspections and applications for the building permit. We complete your working drawings and structural design along with arranging a final colour selection appointment.

Construction Period
4. Site Start

Once your permit is approved we are ready to commence construction, this is a huge milestone in your new home journey! We will notify you of this milestone and also complete a site inspection to ensure we are clear to begin building.

5. Base Stage

The base of your new home is complete !
During this stage we have created a level building platform and installed all underground services prior to constructing the concrete base.
The building surveyor, along with our team undertake rigorous quality inspections to ensure all works have met the required building standards.

6. Frame Stage

The skeleton of your new home has now been formed !
Our construction team have erected the timber frame walls and roof to match your new home design and specifications. The building surveyor will once again complete an inspection of the frame and will issue an approved certificate once satisfied all works have met the required building standards.

7. Lock Up Stage

The exterior of your new home is now taking shape. Here we will have installed all entry doors and windows as well as completed all external walls along with the roofing. The home will now be in a secure position for us to commence works internally.

8. Fix Stage

The interior design in now coming to life as the completion of your home nears. Our team will have been busy completing all internal plaster and joinery along with the internal fixtures.
Painting and tiling will follow this stage, while externally we will be pushing ahead with preparation for the driveway, fencing and landscaping.

9. Practical Completion

Get ready to move in as your home is just about ready for handover !
The building surveyor will have completed a final occupancy inspection and we will be well underway with finalising the finishing touches. We will issue you a formal notice of practical completion and invite you to undertake your own inspection of your new home.

10. Settlement and Handover

Congratulations !
You now have a new home and its time to move in ! Once the final balance payment is received, our construction team will arrange to meet you at the home for a final walkthrough and handover of the property.

Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I have a query during construction?

Our friendly team are always ready to assist when needed, either call us directly or simply email us your query and a member of our support team will respond in a timely manner.
Ph: (03) 8840 7965

Can I access my home during construction?

Due to occupational health and safety regulations and risks associated with entering a construction zone, we cannot permit any unsupervised access to a construction site to any member of the general public including the owners.
In the event a site visit is required, we will arrange for a member of our construction team to accompany the home owners (only) for a pre arranged visit during a specified date and time.
Under no circumstance will children under the age of 10 years old be granted access to the construction site.

How long will construction take to complete?

The construction period will vary for all house designs and is heavily dependant on a multitude of factors, some of which include industry conditions, the type of home we are building, the location and the specifications.
Rest assured our team is committed to ensuring your new home is built within the best possible timeframe without sacrificing quality or building standards.
As a guide –
Single storey dwellings: Construction is approximately 24 weeks from Base completion to Occupancy Permit.
Double storey dwellings: Construction is approximately 32 weeks from Base completion to Occupancy permit.
Handover process will occur approx. 2-3 weeks after the Occupancy permit is issued.

When will progress claims be required to be paid?

Progress claims will be invoiced at the completion of each of the following construction stages as specified in your building contract.
Base Stage, Frame Stage, Lock-up Stage, Fixing Stage and Completion Stage. On completion of each stage, the progress invoice will be emailed to you for payment to be made within 7 days.

When do I arrange for home and contents insurance to commence from?

We highly encourage you to research and arrange home and contents insurance once you receive your practical completion stage claim.
Your home and contents insurance should be in place to commence from the date of the handover of your keys.

Protection that matters

At Oreana Homes our commitment to you doesn’t end when we hand over the keys, building a home that is structurally sound and safe for you to live in is part of our long lasting quality guarantee to you.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and by doing so we stand by the quality of the tradespeople, materials and fixtures we use.

We guarantee every home we build by our industry structural and non-structural warranty periods. In the event an issue may arise, our experienced support and maintenance teams are on hand to work together with you to remedy the matter with little disruption so you can continue to enjoy your home and lifestyle.

For maintenance or warranty matters please contact –


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